Delinquent Offenders


The North Dakota Sex Offender Website is provided pursuant to North Dakota Century Code Section 12.1-32-15, which requires a person who is a resident of North Dakota and who has a qualifying conviction to register with the local law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the person resides. In some circumstances, out-of-state offenders also are required to register their in-state employment or college address.

The purpose of the sex offender website is to promote public safety. Sex offenders have always lived in our communities, and the accompanying risks have always been present. This method of public notification is an acceptable way of reducing that risk and enhancing public protection. Any actions taken by persons against these offenders, including vandalism of property, intimidation, harassment or verbal or written threats of harm against these subjects or their families, landlords, or employers, are not acceptable, and will likely result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.